Competencies and Skills


Research/Analysis Skills:

Experience with the following data analysis software tools: SPSS, SAS, and MS Excel statistical analysis packages; and HyperRESEARCH qualitative analysis software.

Experience with the following bibliographic software tools: EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero, ProCite.

Experience with the following concept-mapping software tools: CMap Tools, Semantica, Inspiration, FreeMind, XMind.

Experience with Stella systems modelling software.

Familiarity with the following Survey management packages: phpESP, SurveyMonkey, LimeSurvey.

Production Skills:

Html & CSS creation/editing using Dreamweaver, NVu, or source code.

Image creation/editing using Photoshop, the Gimp.

Extended experience with MS-Office, OpenOffice, and iWork.

Experience using Moodle and ATutor learning management systems.

Experience using MediaWiki, PmWiki, WordPress.

Experience using eXe to create e-learning content.

Beginner’s knowledge of Camtasia, Flash, and Javascript.

Beginner’s knowledge of Joomla and Drupal content management systems.