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Welcome to the world of Nvu - get Nvu now

One of the great things about Nvu is that it is Open Source (you'll hear more about that in the introduction). For know all you need to know is that it is FREE OF CHARGE. All you need to do is go to the Nvu website, download the file (get the file from website) to your computer, and  quickie instructions I give below (the Nvu website doesn't give great download and install instructions).

to download:

  • go to the Nvu download page at nvu.com/download.php
  • find the operating system you use (Nvu works on a Windows, Mac OS X, and a variety of Linux platforms
  • click on the link to the download file for your system
  • your computer will start to download the file automatically, or ask you what you want to do with the file - if you are asked select "save the file to disk (or desktop)"

install (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linspire):

windows iconWindows

  • select the full installer or the zip version - the full installer should automatically open the install program on your computer, all you need to do is follow the prompts
  • for the zip version, save the file to your desktop
  • double click on the zip file icon - the installer should unzip itself then start automatically
  • if the installer does not start, double click on the Nvu installer icon and it should start
  • once the installer starts, follow the prompts
  • at the end of the installation, you should see an Nvu icon on your desktop

Mac OS X iconMac OS X (OS X 10.1.5 or more recent)

  • once downloaded, double click on the disk image file
  • a disk drive icon should appeare on your desktop - double click on this
  • drag the Nvu program file to the Applications folder
  • if you want Nvu to appear in the dock, find the Nvu program in the Applications folder and drag the icon to the dock

Linspire iconLinspire

  • if you are running Linspire - you can get Nvu with easy install from the CNR Warehouse
  • note that you have to pay for this service

Linux iconother Linux distributions

  • once the appropriate file has been downloaded (be sure to check when downloading, install Nvu from the command line.

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