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Tips & Tricks

If many options are not available

You may find that while working with Nvu suddenly many functions like Link, Image, Anchor, Page Title and more become unavailable. To correct this, switch to source by clicking the "<>Source" tab then switch back to normal by clicking the Normal tab. Everything should be available. Don't know why, but this works ...

Nvu Site Managersite manager screenshot

Probably the coolest thing about Nvu (and it does't really have to do with css but it's a really cool feature) - you can edit your website directly.  You don't have to download files, edit then upload the files again.  Just set up your Site Manager to access your publishing/hosting site, then click on edit sites to see all your files on your webhost.  Double click on any file you want to edit and Nvu will download the page to your computer.  When you're done, just click on publish and Nvu uploads your page to the host (see the screenshot).

Plan Your Site Before Using css editor!

If you go ahead and create a simple page or site with a few links and a navigation bar and menu bar, then decide that you want to use css instead of inline text, you will run into a hundred problems with Nvu css editor. I should know BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME.  In the end I had to edit the html source in order to have the styles applied properly. I talk more about this here.

External Stylesheet files are not for beginners!

Again, this tip comes from experience in the school of hard knocks.  When you're just starting out with css, use internal stylesheets first.  When you're comfortable with the way they work, then try creating an external file.

In Nvu External stylesheet filenames must be modified when publishing your site.

Nvu references an actual as opposed to relative address for your css file.  When you publish your site, the browser won't be able to find the file because it's sitting on your computer at home.  Remember to manually edit the css filename using the html source tab in Nvu, or by editing the html in your favorite text editor.  I explain this in more detail here.


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