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Tips & Tricks

selectors dropdownCreating style sheets then updating styles

If your site did not go quite as planned and you need to add a style to a page you've already created, don't worry.  Once you have created the style sheets at the head of your document or you have linked to your style.css file correctly you can update the style.  Simply select the text you want to update, then click on the the drop downs I have circled in the screenshot.  The top one is for element selectors and the bottom one is for class and id selectors.

Convert your image files to jpeg or gif files

Nvu tends to get locked up when trying to handle TIFF or other types of graphic files.  For best performance, convert all image files to jpeg's or gif's.  This can be done quite easily in any image manipulation software like Photoshop, Gimp (Open Source), or even MS Paint, Appleworks or iPhoto.

Edit images offline and upload them with another ftp software

Nvu has trouble editing images or changing image links in documents live especially when you have multiple pages open.  For best results, edit your images offline, then upload them with another ftp helper program like filezilla, cyberduck, or fetch.  You can then edit your pages live, but beware - you may still lock up the program after uploading, especially if there are many pages open. If this happens, first try switching to source then switching back, but if this still doesn't work, quit Nvu then start it again and open your file. Bottom line - you can edit documents live, but don't open too many at once.

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