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Below find links to sites I have found useful.  Some explain css, some give a more complex explanation of how to use Nvu to produce and use css, some provide cool css templates.  I provide a brief review and rated the sites (purely subjectively!).

**** - highly recommended, useful for beginners and more experienced users, don't miss!

*** - recommended, lots of useful stuff, though may be too technical for beginners.

** - useful, may have cool templates or interesting discussions.  Experienced html'ers only.

* - somewhat useful, but not a must see.

Beginner's guide to CSS and standards - Friendly Bit ****

friendly bit screenshotEmil Stenstrom provides the simplest, clearest explanation of css I've found online.  Though he claims the article is aimed at users with some knowledge of html, even novices (like I was) can easily follow his explanations.

The Friendly Bit site also has many useful css resources like simple templates and strategies for getting css to work properly in different browsers.

Starting with HTML + CSS ***½

w3c logo

W3 Consortium's take on it.  Good clear introduction - doesn't assume any prior html experience, in fact introduces the reader to html and css together. The tutorial uses a cool "fixed" menu (on the right) made with css.  Check out CSS tips & tricks and Learning CSS also for some more advanced css uses and excellent additional resources.

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