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Nvu User Guide: Style and Stylesheets ***

Nvu User GuideOk - it's the official user guide version so it's got everything you could possibly want to know about Nvu. Downside? it's got everything you could possibly want to know about Nvu - sometimes it's hard finding the stuff you need to know.  Also, this chapter (4) assumes you've gone through the intro and chapters 1-3 and are already familiar with Nvu and html.  Still, a valuable resource.

Cascading Style Sheets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ***

Wikipedia cssLink says it all. This is wikipedia - there's a ton of information, and much of it is pretty useful. Be aware that anyone can edit wikipedia entries, so different authors may have worked on the same entry. Usually, this means that you get a lot more information than you need, but for the css entry, at least is is well organized with a linked outline.

CSS Tutorial - W3schools **½

w3schoolsAn excellent resource if you have html (and preferably xhtml) experience.  Their video tutorials are usally very good, though I haven't checked out all of them.  The site is packed with commercial links though.  I'm not crazy about the design either - too much stuff on the screen!.

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