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holy css zeldman websiteThis has got to be the most comprehensive css resource anywhere on the web.  If its to do with css and it isn't discussed, explained or linked to at this site, then there's a good chance it doesn't exist yet.  Stuff for beginners all the way up to developers.  I ranked it 3 stars because it is a little overwhelming with all the stuff, but not so much so that it's not extremely useful.

maxdesign **

maxdesign websiteMore advanced! Tutorials on specific applications of css, primarily lists and menus. Also deals with floating elements and provides some cool templates to download. If you are comfortable with the learning on this site, you should be able to benefit from maxdesign.

a list apart**

a list apart webpageDefinitely more advanced! This document explains how to put "style switching" buttons in your document using a bit of javascript.  Rewarding if you can make it through.  fairly easy reading.

css/edge, css Zen Garden, BrainJar.com: revenge of the menu bar, s5, cssplay **

css edgecss playMore advanced! Very cool applications of css to webdesign and webpage creation. They allow you to download, copy/paste or manually copy the css to your own stylesheet files. Brain JarIf you're feeling adventurous, you can modify it to create your own cool designs. Beginners - I encourage you to check these sites as well to get an idea of the amazing css zen gardenthings you can do with css.  If you're up to it try out Brainjar: revenge of the menu bar - it's pretty involved, but they go through the whole process step by step.  You'll be pretty stoked with your results.

WDG - Guide to Cascading Stylesheets *

WDG Guide to CSSNot going to win any site design awards, but has some useful information if you can find it.

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